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What type of fish's will I be bowfishing for in Minnesota?
You will be hunting for the common carp, bullheads and dogfish. The common carp is the most 'common' fish we see. The
common carp is large omnivorous fish. It has large scales and a long dorsal fin. Carp were introduced to the United States in 1831 to be used as a food source by the United States government. They can lay up to 1,000,000 eggs per year. They cause damage to the lakes by destroying plants and eating large amounts of game fish eggs.

Do I need a Minnesota fishing license?
Yes. Please make sure you have it in your possession at all times. You will need it for class instruction as well.

What if I have never shot a bow?
No reason to be nervous about that. We have instruction prior to beginning the trip or you could sign up for our one hour lesson program. Regardless with in a very short time you will master the basics. We are all about bringing new members to the sport. Fun is the operative word! You can expect a calm and warm teaching environment.    

When is the best time of the day to book a trip?
Morning and evening hunts are recommended. A night hunt using the hps lights is always the best.

Where will we be bowfishing?

We are based in Maple Grove, MN. We will be using a number of lakes in the Western Twin Cities Metro area.

What type of equipment will I need to bring?
None, we will provide all the equipment for the guided trips and bow fishing instruction. You are welcome to bring your own
personal bowfishing equipment.

What personal items should I bring?
We recommend you bring for the daytime sunscreen, bug spray, hat and polarized sun glasses they are a must to see fish. Night hunts we recommend you bring, depending on weather, a light weight shirt with long sleeves and light weight long pants. Bug
spray and clear lens glasses. Don't forget a change of clothes in the car as a backup. And always bring rain gear. Any non-alcohol drinks of your own or snacks are welcome.

Are non shooters welcome?
Yes as space allows. Please call ahead prior to your trip.

Will there be restrooms available?
As with most outdoor activities limited would be the watch word.  It would depend on the lake we are using. Please plan

Tipping the Guides
Tipping the Guides is deeply appreciated. Please keep in mind weather and fish are beyond his control. If you would like to place a tip on your credit card just let us know when the trip ends.




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