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Curt is an avid outdoor enthusiast. Having lived in MN all his life, he has a wide range of hobbies from Bowhunting, Fishing, to Golf and Snowmobiling. His favorite is Bowfishing. He enjoys the combination of hunting and fishing that Bowfishing offers. Curt has                                                                     launched Edge Bowfishing to introduce the sport to others.


Blaine Kunze

Blaine loves to take clients bowfishing. He shares a passion for being in the outdoors and spending time with his children.





Jim Malone


Jim enjoys spending time in the outdoors. He is an avid deer hunter and taxidermist. Carp hunting helps to extend the archery season.



Jason enjoys hunting, fishing and snowboarding. Bowfishing is Jason's favorite sport. Jason has just finished four years of service to his country as a member of the United States Marines. We are proud to have him on our team

Nate Erickson

Nate has really become an outdoorsmen these past few years, but bow fishing is his addiction. Nate is also a big waterfowl hunter as he travels all over the Midwest to hunt. He is excited to play college baseball next year, and pursue a career in wildlife management.

Tyler Quale


Tyler enjoys spending every moment of free time in the spring and summer bowfishing. He is going to attend University of Wisconsin-River Falls in the fall. He spends most of his time Bowfishing, Ice Fishing, Waterfowl Hunting and Deer Hunting. Tyler is looking forward to sharing and teaching the basics of Bowfishing to interested outdoorsmen and women across the state.

  Jarid Murphy

  When Jarid  is not building houses you can find him in the outdoors on the water. In the spring you     can find him on local lakes chasing Carp. Summer brings his favorite sport of bass fishing where       his weekends are tied up attending tournaments . The fall finds him disappearing into the swamps     in pursuit of ducks and geese. In the winter yep you guessed it hard water ice fishing.





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                                                                                           Robbie served four years in the armed forces as a paratrooper/ jump master in the US Army. Robbie                                                                                                loves to spend his time outdoors and works as a taxidermist in SE MN. He has fallen victim to the                                                                                                    addiction of bowfishing and enjoys sharing his passion for archery with others.     





 Ryan has been bowfishing since the age of 12 and has a lot of fun introducing people to the sport. Hunting down monster carp is his favorite outdoor activity, especially because you don't have to wait for them to bite. 



 James is an outdoor enthusiast he enjoys bowfishing, bow hunting, pike spearing and fishing.    He is out side every chance he can get. James picked up a bowfishing bow 12 years ago. He started by walking the banks of creeks with old spears and simple spool reels. He enjoys watching people learn the sport of of bowfishing.


Kelton Reinert

Kelton is an outdoor enthusiast. he loves being out in nature. Summer is spent chasing carp with fall dedicated to chasing whitetails with a bow. Ice fishing and predator hunting takes up the winter. Kelton attends St. John's University studying Global business.

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