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Your bowfishing adventure begins with meeting us at the dock or boat lunch. Once we have taken care of payment and liability wavers, we will start with basic safety instruction and familiarization of the bow fishing equipment. Our next step is to adjust the draw weight of the bow to your ability. Typical draw weights for Children start at 10-15 pounds, Women 20-25 pounds and Men average 30-40 pounds. We like to keep the draw weight light as you will be shooting often.

Now that we have the equipment ready it's time to take some practice shots off the dock. We will show you how to aim to allow for the diffraction of water. Just remember the key guide phrase will be “Shoot Lower". Don't worry about missing a lot a first, it takes time to learn and we are patient teachers.
Now the hunt begins as we fire up the lights and give each person there position on the shooting deck. Bow fishing is for rough fish only so for those who aren't sure we will point out the Carp, Bullheads and Dogfish we see most often. When in doubt don’t shoot. We all get fooled once in a while.
For safety we provide life jackets and throw ropes and cushions on the boat. If you’re a non-swimmer please let me know. We spend most of our time in shallow water, but we do travel through deep water to get there. If you have your own life jackets please feel free to bring them.

If the guide feels the weather conditions are to severe your trip may be reschedule to another night without loss of deposit or it may shorten your trip you will have the option to reschedule the trip to another night. These conditions will warranted a reschedule, sever rain, wind and or lighting. We all know weather conditions can change at any time unexpectedly. Bring rain gear if there’s any chance of rain. A change of clothes at the landing or in your car is never a bad ideal. Just in case you get wet.

NO ALCOHOL PERIOD. Water, soda and juices are fine. Snacks are fine. No intoxicated guests will be allowed on the boat. If you show up intoxicated the trip is over and there is no refund.
Dry firing a bow can destroy it and injure you. Never shoot the bow without an arrow in it. Damage from dry firing will result in a replacement fee.

Dropping the bow into water where it cannot be retrieved is also grounds for a replacement fee. The same goes for abusing the equipment. Losing an arrow happens we don't worry about that.

Will not be tolerated.

Feel free to take home all you want. I will dispose of all rough fish at the end of the trip. Hey that’s why you hire us!! Oh feel free to bring your own personal bow fishing gear.

Are always appreciated!

Day time hunts - Sun screen, bug spray, hat, polarized sun glasses are a must.  Bring rain gear and a change of clothes.  

Night hunts - long sleeved shirts and long pants and clear lens safety glasses can help with bugs. A head net can be nice at times. Again bring rain gear and a change of clothes.
Never dry fire a bow as serious injury or death can occur. Handle your equipment with care and caution. Never point an arrow at another person. Do not discharge a bow in any direction that may endanger another person. Always be aware of the back ground when firing a bow. Secure all loose clothing.



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